2016 Annual Report - Our Faith, Our Children, Our Future School Tuition Organization

2016 Annual Report

Our Faith STO

Annual Report 2016

Thank You
We are filled with gratitude. In 2016, the "Our Faith, Our Children, Our Future School Tuition Organization" had yet another exceptional year. Your faithful and ongoing support raised more than five million dollars for student scholarships.

Jim Osterberger, President , Dubuque, Church of the Nativity

Kim Hermsen, Vice President, St. Boniface, New Vienna

Jeff Henderson, Secretary (non-voting), Cedar Rapids, St. Jude

Kevin Ballard, Marion, St. Joseph
Katherine Fahey, St. Patrick, Waukon
Mike Hulme, Cedar Falls, St. Patricks

Lynn Ptacek, Epiphany Parish, Mason City

Fr. Michael Schueller, Epworth, St. Elizabeth Pastorate
Lori Thielen, St. Joseph, Bellevue

Board of Directors

Our Faith, Our Children, Our Future School Tuition Organization (STO) is a charitable organization representing all of the Catholic K-12 schools in the Archdiocese of Dubuque and St. Paul’s Lutheran School in Waverly. The STO receives voluntary cash contributions from Iowa taxpayers and allocates those funds in tuition grants to Iowa school children, who in turn, use those grants to attend one of the schools represented by the STO. At least 90% of the money received by the STO must go back out in tuition grants.

Donor Listing

Anonymous (199)
Dave Hinz Construction, Inc.
Conlin Farms, Royalties, Real Estate
and Investments Inc.
Garling Construction Inc
Huff Contracting Inc
Sedona Staffing Services
Midwest Optometric Associates PC
Manatt's Inc
Investment Center, Inc.
NBJ Corp
Hageman Homes
Tom and Nancy Abbas
Kristina Adkins
Wayne and Shelley Ahern
Harry and Mary Althaus
Mary Beth and John Althoff
Bonita Ames
JaNelle and Lloyd L. Anderson
LeRoy and Jean Anderson
Valerie Angerer-Zieser
Daniel and Marlene Apel
Joann M. Arensdorf
Mary L. Armstrong
Jack and Carol Aschenbrenner

John L. Bahning
John and Linea Baldwin
David Balk
Kevin and Diane Ballard
Raymond A. Banowetz
Rev. Ardel H. Barta
Steve and Marlene Bartlett
Susan Basye
Scot and Stephanie Bauder
Kenneth and Rosemary Bauer
Philip Baumel
Bill and Angie Beck
David and Amy Becker
Aaron and Erin Becker
Carol Becker
Ron and Mae Becker
Tony and Marcia Bedard
William and Karen Bergan
James L. Bergkamp Sr.
Patricia A. Berglund
Keith and Lugene Berning
Linda and Tracy Bessey
Steve and Theresa Betz
Maynard C. Beyer
Barbara Beyer

Carolyn and Jerome Bies
Nicholas M. Bjelica
Arlen and Judy Blank
Jack and Dianne Blazek
Rev. Msgr. Russell M. Bleich
John and Dolores Blitsch
Dave and Anne Blocker in memory of
Alphonse Gossling, Leo Kriener,
Maurice and Jeanne Blocker
Robert J. Blocker
Steve and Lori Boeckenstedt
Doug and Suzanne Boeckmann
Russ and Connie Boeding
Dave and Amy Boekholder
Reinhard and Angelika Boeschen
Jeannette Bohnenkamp
LeRoy Bohr
Craig and Renee Bohr
Megan Bonert
Mike and Danette Bontrager
Al Borchardt
Jeanne Bornemann
Brad T. Bornholtz
Virgil and Marian Bourek
Joseph A. and Mary Beth Bouska

Alberta Bouska
Jim and Denise Bouska
Colleen Boyle
Rev. Thomas E. Braak
Matthew and Jeanne Brandes
Randy and Lori Brecht
Corrine Breitsprecker
Joyce Brennan
Christopher Breslin
Cecilia Ann Brickley
Shirley Briggs
Doug and Michele Brock
Scot Brown and Julie Lammers
Dr. Holly Brown
Juergen Bruckner
Keith and Amy Bruening
Gregory A. Bruening
David and Marian Brunkan
Robert T. and Frances M. Brunkan
John and Edna Brunkhorst
Peter Brustkern
Tom and Terri Budnik
Nancy A. Burds
Rosalia M. Burke

Donor Listing

Tom and Terri Budnik
Nancy A. Burds
Rosalia M. Burke
Theresa M. Burke
Donna Burton
Neoma Burton
Martha Byrnes
Sondra L. Cabell
Tom and Kim Callahan
Mike and Jo Cambridge
Leo and Margaret Campbell
Russell and Sherry Candee
Karen L. Cannon
Greg and Mary Carew
Michael and Dorothy Carlin
Christina Carlton
James and Mary Kay Carr
Darren and Shari Cary
Cynthia Chizek
Mary and Leroy Christ
Marilyn T. Clark
Mary Clemen
Deborah Clifford
Ryan and Erin Cloos

Tom and Lois Coakley
William Colling
Jim and Lynne Conlin
The Dan Corken Family
Lou and Michele Corkery
Steven and Kathy Cornelius
Robert Coutchie
Craig and Lisa Crawford
Sarah and Larry Crawford
William and Renae Croell
Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Cunningham
Patrick and Shari Curran
David W. and Holly N. Cushman
Gary and Nancy Cuvelier
Don Czapla
Milt Dakovich
John and Cathy Darrah
Tom and Cindy Day
Nick and Jennifer Decker IMO
Jim Domeyer
Patrick and Carol Deignan
Jim and Isolde Deninger
Diane and Philip Denlinger
Michelle Deutmeyer

Michael and Judith Devine
Robert Dick
Mark Dickson
Rev. Alan Dietzenbach
Jane and David Dirks
Raymond and Mary Distler
Dan and Judy Dolan
James and Linda Dolan
Steve and Janet Domeyer
Brian and Teri Donnelly
Roy and Darlene Doorenbos
Jess Douglas
Daniel L. Doyle
Michael and Janice Drahozal
James B. Drahozal
Ms. Margaret Drake
Father Wayne Droessler
Brenda Dudley
Stan and Margaret Duffy
Steve and Renee Duggan
Paula and James Dummett
Monica A. Dunbar
Jerome and Margaret Dunbar
Kevin and Kathy Duncan

Rita (Forker) Durchenwald
James Dworzak
Jeff Eagan
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Earney
Dale and Marilyn Eichenberger
Karla J. Elenz
Darrel and Terri Elsbernd
Cyril and Carol Elsinger
Michael and Cora Engelken
Daniel and Karen Engesser
Tim and Angela English
James A. Erb
Thomas and Deborah Erickson
Terry and Carol Erion
Leola Erion
Joseph and Helen Ertl
Carl Esker
Crystal, Matt and Gaby Estabrook
Parnell Etteldorf
Tom and Joanne Evans
Katherine and Brandon Fahey
Mary Ann Fangman
Rev. Frederick C. Fangmann
Mary L. Fawkes

Parental Choice Today

For nearly 150 years, the Church has taught that parents have the right and the responsibility to serve as the primary educators of their children. To assist them in this sacred duty, the Church has articulated clearly that children have the universal right to an education in faith, and the state has the fundamental obligation to enable such a right. Through both written word and live witness, the Church has advanced parental choice as a fundamental part of its mission to protect the equality of educational opportunity that is the birthright of all children. Since the passage of the first parental choice program in Milwaukee in 1990, bishops and state Catholic conferences have been among the most important advocates for parental choice.

Donor Listing (cont.)

Jason and Julie Felderman
Elmer J. Feldmann
William and Peggy Feller
Aaron Ferrie
John and Susan Fink
Pat Fisher
Al and Julie Flick
Jeremy and Lara Fluhr
Robert and Eileen Fogarty
Mrs. Dianne Foust
Richard Foust and Dianne Foust
Eric and Kimberly Foy
Leo J. Francois
Mrs. Wm. Francois
Guido and Eleanora Franzen Family
Dennis Franzen
Frederick P. Freese
Michael Freeseman
Ruth M. Frericks
Phyllis and Bernie Frett
John and Amy Freund
Don Freymann
Irv Friedhoff
Terry and Paula Friedman

Jack and Maureen Friedman
Michael and Karin Friend
Wayne and Barb Frost
Judy and Steve Fuemmeler
Mike and Stephanie Funke
Doug Funke and Wendy Willenbring
Ellen Gaffney
John and Beth Gallagher
Harold J. Gallagher
Timothy J. Gannon
Therese Gansen
Robert Scott Gardner
Donna Garland
Sandra Gaul
Dewie J. Gaul
Alan Gaul
Pete Gehl
Brad and Abby Gehl
Rev. Kenneth Gehling
Jerry and Shirley Gerk
Phyllis G Wingert
Dr. Timothy and Nancy Gibbons
Roger J. and Lynne A. Gibbs
Jim and Marty Gieryng

Patrick and Florence Gilchrist
Brian and Linda Gilligan
Mark and Denise Gimbel
Michael and Janice Girsch
Joseph L. Glaser
Steven and Shirley Glaser
Gerald and Betty Gleason
Beth and Brian Globokar
Tom and Jammie Goedken
Fred L. Goedken
Dan and Mary Goedken
Terry and Mary Jo Goerdt
Shelly and Clark Goltz
Jeff and Jane Gonner
John and Jackie Gonner
Jean M. Govern
John and Janine Greenwood
Bob and Chery Greenwood
Allan and Nancy Gremm
Michael Greteman
Shirley A. Greufe
Joyce and Jerry Greving
Jeff and Monica Gribben
Anita Griebel

Judd and Michelle Grover
Marcia Gullickson
William and Julie Haas
Kevin and Kristy Hagarty
Daniel R. Hageman
Andy and Jill Hageman
Pat and Deb Hagen
Thomas J. and Norma J. Hamel
Joe and Carolyn Hanchak
Connie and Stephen F. Hardie
David and Mary Kay Hardinger
Linda Harris
Fred J. Harris
Jackie and David Harris
Melinda Hart
Dwayne Hauber
Rev. Joseph L. Hauer
Marsha R. Hauser
Jeffrey and Amy Haverland
Clem and Jan Havlik
Rev. Msgr. Cletus J. Hawes
Rev. Donald J. Hawes
Cyril Hawes
Joe, Trisha, Ryan and Chloe Hearn

Donor Listing (cont.)

Dr. James A. & Catherine M. Heavens
Richard L. Heffernen
Horst Hehr
Stephen and Nancy Heideman
Jeffrey Heil
Paul M. Helle
Kevin Hellman
DeAnn M. Hemesath
Jeff and Lisa Henderson
Mrs. Janette Hendricks
Richard P. Henneberry
Andy and Leah Hennessy
Hennig Family
Donald and Juanita Herbst
Pat and Kim Hermsen
Matthew Herrick
Ethel M. Herring
Roger and Kathleen Hershberger
Brett M. Hershberger
Daniel and Sharon Heying
Dick and Judy Hierstein
Gail Hietpas
Evelyn B. High
Carl and Jeanne Hill

Betty Hillary
Dan N. Hingtgen
William and Jennifer Hlubek
Charles J. Hoefer
Mark and Donna Hoeger
Ben Hoelscher
Richard K. Hoffman
Tom and Joan Hoffmann
Mark and Linda Holman
Willard H. Holthaus
William and Jeannette Holtz
Mike and Jennifer Hosch
Marvin and Sue Hrubes
Marge Huber
Rev. Henry P. Huber
Susan Hucker
Roger and Pat Huinker
Mike and Liza Hulme
Tom and Edie Kuhle
Dr. Janine Marie Idziak
Kevin and Sue Imoehl
Pete and Molly Iversen
Ron and Patti Iverson
Stephen Jacobi

Kevin Jacobson
Merlin and Lillian Jasper
Kathy and Phil Jasper
Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds Jensen
George and Jayne Jessen
Mary Elizabeth Johnson
Jerry and Mary Jorgensen
Mary and David Junge
Sherrie Justice
Geoffrey and Kelsey Kaiser
Jim and Julie Kapsch
Mr. and Mrs. Terrance Kasuboski
Korlin Kazimour
Robert F. and Janis L. Kazimour
Tom and Jodi Keating
Daniel G. Kegler
Patrick and Sally Kelly
Michael and Jean Kelly
Randy and Dianne Kemp
John A. Kendrick
Michael Kennedy
Kevin and Norah Kennedy
Edward Kent
Don Kerker

Casey Kettmann
Susan M. Keune
Kenneth Keune
John and Diana Kilbride
Loras L. Kilburg
Michael P. Kinsella
Kyle and Stephanie Klapatauskas
Mike and Barb Klappholz
Thomas and Kay Klaren
Dan Klein
Jim and Jennifer R. Klein
Gary Klobassa
Robert and Carol Klocke
Harlan and Jeanette Kloppenborg
Douglas Klostermann
Mark and Julie Kluber
Cory and Jill Kluesner
Jean A. Knepper
Michael Knepper
Steven A. Knepper
MaryJean Knepper
Jeanne Knight
Mary M. Knipp
Jim and Linda Kobliska

Donor Listing (cont.)

Kevin and Dianne Koch
Vincent and Noreen Koch
Harry Koelker
Leo Koenigsfeld
Kevin and Janean Kolbet
Roger Kolbet
Adrian and Elaine Korbel
Brad and Abby Kotz
Kris and Jennifer Kovarik
Bob and Carmen Krantz
Matthew and Jennifer Kreeb
Rev. John R. Kremer
Anastasia Kriener
Rosemary Kriener
Kendall and Donald Krouse
Barbara M. Kruse
Roger and Barbara Kueter
Merlyn B. Kuhl
Kim Kunkel
Kevin and Jane Kutsch
Dr. and Mrs. Carlton Lake
Chris and Kathie Lampe
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn J. Lampe
Ronald A. and Audrey L. Landherr

Alan and Karen Langenfeld
Jerome Lansing
Rick and Bernita LaPage
Herb and Patsy Larkin
Joanne Larson
Dr. Joseph and Linda Latella
Stanley B. and Virginia L. Laures
Virginia L. Laures
Susann Laures
Steven Laures
Gerald Laures
Calista Laures
Donald A. and Dorothy E. Lawse
Justin and Karla Lechtenberg
Scott and Laura Leibfried
Steve and Julie Leibold
Vincent and Wilma Lensing
Richard Levis
Helen Lewis
Dale Lewis
Lois Lex
Wayne and Judy Liebe
Norb and Phyllis Link
Richard and Catherine Link

Loras and Tammy Link
Jerry and Jenny Litterer
James J. Locher
John and Angie Long
Marjorie Ludwig
Steve and Cathy Lueck
Dan Lynch
Mick and Lynda Lynch
Patricia Maas
Tim and Bev Mach
John and Catherine Mack
Mark and Betsy Macke
Chuck and Mary Magill
Phil Mahoney
Leo M. and Rosemary E. Mallie
Gary and Jeanne Mangrich
Madonna Manternach
Tom and Tammy Marbach
Rev. Nick B. March
David and Deb Marchesani
Stephen V. and Sharon A. Marlow
Martin and Myrna Marnin
Vincent Martensen
Ms. Joan Martin

Dan and Sue Martinek
Joe and Rosanne Mashek
Ben Mason
Tony and Susan May
Rev. Gary A. Mayer
Steve and Denise Maze
Keith McCarraher
Kevin and Patty McClimon
James M. McCormick
Margaret and John McCoy
M. Bernadette McCoy
Gerald J. and Kathleen J. McCright
Lynn and Jack McCullough
Ken and Maureen McDermott
Donald L. McDonell
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent McFadden
Mark and Maggie McGarvey
Larry McGee
Joseph and Patricia McGee
Joseph and Barbara McGrane
Larry McGrath
Dick and Mary McKay
Mike McKenna
Gregory McNamara

Donor Listing (cont.)

Susan McNicholl
Mark and Marcia McNulty
Mr. and Mrs. William McNulty
Eileen McSperrin
Pat and Mary Jane Meade
Roger Mescher
Kevin and Sandy Meyer
Kevin and Yvette Meyer
Rev. Stephen L. Meyer
Joan M. Michels
Shirley M. Mikesh
Jude and Lisa Milbert
Greg Miller
Peggy Miller
Barbara R. Miller
Michael and Sharon Miriovsky
Dave and Chris Mitchell
Dan and Janelle Moellers
Bryan and Mary Robin Molinaro-Blonigan
Deacon Jeffrey G. Molitor
Leo and Diane Mongahan
Leo and Diane Monaghan
Dr. Dale Monroe
Brian and Gina Moran

Sean and Kim Moran
Donald and Donna Mottet
Donald and Martha Mousel
Jane and Dan Mueller
Bill and Rita Mulcahy
Kevin Mullen
Eric and Judy Munshower
Fr. Mark Murphy
Thomas and Margaret Murphy
Walter and Glennda Murphy
Dennis Muyskens
Julie and Dan Neebel
John and Donna Negro
Paul F. Neiers
Kember Nelson
Roger J. Nemmers DDS
Elaine Neubert
David C. Neuhaus
Teresa and Mike Nickeson
Agnes Nie
Mary L. Noonan
Ray and Carol Noonan
Patrick J. and Anne P. Noonan
Thomas J. Novak

Mike and Deb Nunemaker
Katherine P. O'Brien
John and Jo Ann O'Byrne
Rev. John J. O'Connor
Fr. David H. O'Connor
Ann O'Loughlin
Patrick J. O'Neill
Mike and Sandy Oberbroeckling
Mark Odden
Randy and Julie Olberding
Frances L. Oldham
David Olson
Angela Olson
Jim Osterberger
Ann and Robert Osterhaus
Fr. Mark Osterhaus
Fr. Paul Otting
Melissa Otto
Rev. L. Paul Ouderkirk
Vicki Palmer
Larry and Lynn Pape
Randall and Barbara Park
Sandra A. Parrett
Chris and Nancy Patrick

Mike and Jackie Patterson
Don and Martha Pauley
Bill and Barb Payton
Travis Petree
David and Margaret Pfannes
Lyal Pfeiler
Melita Pfeiler
Charles and Susan Piekenbrock
Kevin and Kathy Pink
Germain and Eileen Pins
Charles Porter
Robert J. Porter
Michael E. Portzen
Dan and Elaine Pregler
Chip and Dawn Pregler
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Prohaska
Raymond and Marlene F. Prohaska
Catherine A. Putensen
Vernon Quint
Fr. Dennis J. Quint
Steve and Janet Radosevich
Julie A. Rastetter
Tom Ratchford
Dr. David and Mrs. Mary Jo Rater

Donor Listing (cont.)

Patrick and Ruth Rea
Larry E. Recker
Douglas and Heidi Recker
Casey Redmond
Audrey Reed
Jack and Amy Regan
Henry Reicks
Jill Reicks
Wanda and Gerald Reicks
Peter J. and Rae Messer Reilly
Tom and Judy Reilly
Mona Reilly
Steve and Sue Reiter
Michael and Sharon Rettinger
Rev. Lloyd Reuter
Jim and Nancy Rhomberg
Mark and Jaclyn Richmond
Linda Ridihalgh
Carl A. Ries
Steve and Marge Riley
Michael J. Riniker
Ed Riniker
Ellen Rocca
Dan and Kim Rohner

Jerry and Barb Roling
Virgil Roling
Ervin and Ann Rowlands
Scott and Jean Rude
Rick and Maureen Runde
Rich and Wanda Runde
Gerard and Carolyn Rushton
Rosie Ronnebaum Russell
Robert A. Sack
Tom and Dorothy Sally
Willard W. Sally
Bob and Sue Salow
Chris and Dayla Salrin
Steve and Ann Salter
Rev. Marvin C. Salz
Robert Saunders
David and Cheryl Saunders
Jeffrey J. and Kristin A.L. Schaefer
Denise and Wayne Schares
Wayne and Denise Schares
Wendy Schatz
Ronald and Susan Schemmel
Patrick and Betty Anne Scherrman
Lyle Schlader

Barb and Joe Schmall
Shirley Schmeiser
Gary and Anne Schmit
Mark and Diane Schmitt
Kevin and Valorie Schmitt
Lyle Schmitt
Rev. Phillip E. Schmitt
Ray A. Schmitz
Eva R. Schmitz
Daniel P. Schmitz
Roger and Gloria Schmitz
Hattie H. Schmitz
James and Teresa Schmitz
Thomas and Vicki Schmitz
Jeff and Jessica Schneider
Steve and Kelly Schnieders
Christina M. Schnurr
Susan Schoeberl
Brent and Sharon Scholtes
Kim Schonhoff-Reiter
Vince and Tami Schons
JoAnn T. Schons
Wesley Schons
David and Diane Schroeder

Dave and Donna Schueller
Bill and Connie Schueller
Sue J. Schueth
Sue Schuette
Ruth F. Schulte
Meghan Schultz
Tim and Denise Schupick
Peter J. and Katherine I. Schwarten
Rev. James L. Secora
Kelly and Erin (McGuire) Sedars
Virginia A. Sedbrook
Mary Catherine Selzer
Greg and Sarah Serbousek
Donna J. Sessler
Aaron and Katie Shaffer
Kathy M. Shebetka
Mike and Marilynn Shoger
Duane J. Siepker
Rev. Msgr. Ralph Simington
Tim and Terri Simodynes
Darold D. and Linda L. Smith
Jim and Mary Smith
Duane and Laura Smith
Peter and Rebecca Smith

Donor Listing (cont.)

Timothy J. Smith
Max and Kathy Smith
Gregory A Smith IHO Kathyrn Haag
Mr. and Mrs. Roger W. Smith
David Smith
Mary Smock
Margaret Solberg
Curt and Jody Solsma
Kathryn Sonne
Jerome Spiegel
David and Eva Stabenow
Bob and Amy Stahlin
Pat and Mindy Stahr
Marvin and Lydia Stallman
Jolene S. Starr
T.J. and Christi Stecklein
Robert and Radka Steffes
Dave and Doris Steger
Wayne and Sandy Stelken
Mark and Janet Stelken
Chris and Kristy Stille
Michael Strei
Eleanor Streletzky
William and Janet Striepe

Charles N. Strub
Karen Sturm
John Sunseri
Timothy P. Sweeney
William Takes
Dennis and Colleen Tasler
Tina Taylor
Lois V. Taylor
Chris and Tanya Teggatz
Rich and Marge Tekippe
Al and Julie Testin
Steve and Patricia Thayer
Tony and Sue Theisen
Jim and Marita Theisen
Chris Theisen
Rita J. Theisen
Mike and Tammy Then
Paul and Jane Thier
Krista Thier
Carolyn and David Thogerson
Rev. Dwayne J. Thoman
Andrew and Katie Thomas
Ron and Linda Thome
Rev. Philip Thompson

Steve Thorson
Deb Thurman
Lavonne Tietz
Randy and Joyce Tietz
Rosemary and Paul Timlin
Thomas and Kathleen Timp
Msgr. Thomas E. Toale
Matt and Marcine Tracy
Rhonda and Tim Tranel
Mike and Carol Trueg
Len and Sue Uhal
Roger and Denise Uhlenhake
Gretchen A. Uhlenhake
Donald B. Underwood
Stan and Charlotte Upah
Tom L. and Janice Upah
Mike and Leanne Van Oort
Doug and Becky Varley
Robert and Annette Vobora
Richard W. Voellinger
James D. Vogel
Richard Vogel
Matthew J. Vogel
Karen A. Volz

Christine Vondra
Chuck and Lois Votsmier
David and Karla Wach
Karen Wagner
David and Nancy Wahlert
Susan L. Wahlert
Clem and Judy Walleser
Daniel and Aimee Walsh
Brad and Cathy Walz
George and Mary Wandling
Loras and Karen Watters
Jeffrey M. Weber
Randy L. and Janan M. Weber
Edward and Sharon Weber
Elizabeth A. Weber
Tim and Dawn Weber
Vincent and Nancy Weber
Don Weber
Dr. Richard J. and Carol E. Wede
Gary and Joanne Weers
Janet Wegner
Steve and Patti Weiss
Tim and Diane Weitzel
Jerry and Carol Wells

Donor Listing (cont.)

Maurice and Karen Wendling
Cheryl and Robert Werner
Robert and Janet Wernke
Mike and Diane Wertz
Dennis and Tami Westhoff
Cory and Michele Westhoff
Gerald and Mary Kay Westhoff
Larry and Mary Westhoff
Ray and Edna Whalen
Steve and Connie White
Bernie and Phyllis White
Mary Jo White
Allan White
Janet Whitney
Alan Whitters
Richard K. Whitty
Wayne and Corinne Wiest
Merlin Wilgenbusch
Rev. Msgr. Lyle Wilgenbusch
Dan and Shanna Wille
Mary L. Willenbring
Luke Willett
Paul and Gail Williams
Robert and Mary Williams

Shirley L. Wilson
Tim and Michelle Wilson
Jan and Patty Wiltgen
Joe H. Wingert
John and Mary Winter
Carl and Kay Winter
Gary Winterhof
Charlotte Wise
Paul and Rita Wolfgram
Dawn Wood
Jeff and Luann Woodward
Carl Wubben
Sharon Wulfekuhle-Hefel
Robert and Mary Yanda
Lois M. Zajicek
Jerald and Agnes Zeihan
Kevin Zeimet
Raymond P. Zinkula
Scott and Mary Zogg

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